The dude invented nondeterminism

Michael Mitzenmacher asked me to post the following announcement:

On August 29-30, 2011, there will be a conference in celebration of Michael Rabin‘s 80th birthday at the Harvard School of Engineering & Applied Sciences.    The speakers include Yonatan Aumann, Michael Ben-Or, Richard Karp, Dick Lipton, Silvio Micali, Michael Mitzenmacher, David Parkes, Tal Rabin, Ron Rivest, Dana Scott, Madhu Sudan, Salil Vadhan, Moshe Vardi, and Avi Wigderson.  The conference is open to the public, but registration is required by August 25.  For more information, see the conference website at

2 Responses to “The dude invented nondeterminism”

  1. Buck Annixter Says:

    Scott, I’m in for the conference. I was always in. But what I (and probably the rest of your readership) wants to know is when you’re going to honor your promise to hold a 24 hour Ask-Scott-Anything event. Don’t let the summer slip by without this happening. Your fans would probably never forgive you.

  2. Scott Says:

    Buck: Alright, alright, soon as I finish a paper I’m writing…