Beware of fake FOCS site!

As most of you in theoretical computer science will know, the submission deadline for the 2019 FOCS conference is this Friday, April 5. The FOCS’2019 program committee chair, my UT Austin colleague David Zuckerman, has asked me to warn everyone that a fake submission site was set up at—apparently as a phishing scam—and is one of the first results to come up when you google “FOCS 2019.” Do not submit there! The true URL is; accept no substitutes!

Anyway, I’ve been thrashing for several weeks—just barely escaping spaghettification at the Email Event Horizon—but I hope to be back shortly with your regularly scheduled programming.

3 Responses to “Beware of fake FOCS site!”

  1. William Hird Says:

    Why would anyone want to phish FOCS conference papers ? I’m not in academia, enlighten me .

  2. Scott Says:

    William #1: Good question! I don’t know. But it could just be a robotic phishing operation that ensnared FOCS along with countless other things.

  3. Tom Wong Says:

    William #1: Here’s my guess: People often use the same password for multiple websites, so if they can capture your FOCS password, they may be able to access other websites. That’s why each website should have a different password.