An unexpected application of the P vs. NP problem

Read to the end — hat tip to Michael Nielsen.  And this post is just to get into blogging stride again.  More coming “soon.”

6 Responses to “An unexpected application of the P vs. NP problem”

  1. Stas Says:

    Hmm… strange that he never tried to talk to her about programming/computer science before the confrontation if he assumed she was a CS grad and web developer.

  2. Mikero Says:

    I cannot get to this page — the infamous “Aaronson Effect” must have swamped the server..

  3. stinky Says:

    Man, if he’d held-on one more day he would have seen her proof! I hope she doesn’t tear it up just because of a bad relationship.

  4. boo Says:

    April 2003? Heinous!

  5. James Says:

    The appearance of NP is appropriate, seeing as how the whole thing hinges on how easy it is to check a story.

  6. WF Says:

    New Girl is pretty remarkable. What Alan Sokal could only do to cultural studies, she managed to do to to 1)Being a goth 2)Not being a goth 3)Being from Montreal 4) Having gone to a posh all-girls school in Montreal 4) Being a web developer.

    Now encyclopedic knowledge of South Park you can’t fake.