Purely out of intellectual duty

Alright, alright … two separate readers pointed me to this story (from today’s New York Times), about recent research into defense mechanisms in female duck genitalia (“not quite biting, but it sure looks unpleasant,” as one of them says).

Even I have gotten bored of this topic.

5 Responses to “Purely out of intellectual duty”

  1. Anonymous Says:

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  2. i am anonymous Says:

    how’s the job search goin’ on dude?

  3. duck Says:

    Two quotes from the article:

    “Dr. Brennan was oblivious to bird phalluses until 1999.”

    “Gazing at the enormous organs, she asked herself a question that apparently no one had asked before.”

    Is it me, or was the writer trying to be funny ?

  4. Scott Says:

    how’s the job search goin’ on dude?

    Goin’ pretty well, dude.

  5. Luca Says:

    The writer was having a lot of fun. I can’t believe he wrote “You need a garage to park the car.”