Not an April Fools joke

Lance’s blog HATH RISEN! (Though ith now some fast-talking bearded guy’s blog.)

3 Responses to “Not an April Fools joke”

  1. Torbjörn Larsson Says:

    But the puke-green background is still there.


  2. Greg Kuperberg Says:

    This is a test comment. On Terry Tao’s blog, WordPress has a LaTeX facility. It does not work in comments, but it might work when I post. So here goes: $latex 2^{O(n)}$. Did that work?

    If it did not work, then maybe Scott can figure out a way to turn on LaTeX processing.

  3. Greg Kuperberg Says:

    Alas, it didn’t work, even though on Terry’s blog, it would have.

    Terry, on the other hand, does not have comment preview. Somehow WordPress is sufficiently arcane that you two capable people have not found each other’s tricks.