TCS+ online seminars

Good news, everyone!  Anindya De, Oded Regev, and my postdoc Thomas Vidick are launching an online theoretical computer science seminar series called TCS+, modeled after the successful Q+ quantum information seminars run by Daniel Burgarth and Matt Leifer.  The inaugural TCS+ lecture will be on Wednesday Feb. 6, at noon Eastern Standard Time.  Ronald de Wolf, longtime friend both of this blog and of its author, will be speaking on Exponential Lower Bounds for Polytopes in Combinatorial Optimization, his STOC’2012 Best Paper with Samuel Fiorini, Serge Massar, Sebastian Pokutta and Hans Raj Tiwary.  This is the paper that used ideas originally from quantum communication complexity to solve a 20-year-old problem in classical optimization: namely, to rule out the possibility of proving P=NP by reducing the Traveling Salesman Problem to certain kinds of linear programs.  Ronald previously gave the talk at MIT, and it rocked.  See Thomas’s blog for details about how to watch.

6 Responses to “TCS+ online seminars”

  1. arie Says:

    Ronald’s talks always rock!

  2. Arka Bhattacharya Says:

    It will be great for students interested in TCS and mathematics to actively participate in professional scientific meetings and get to know the international community better.
    I give a BIG thanks to the organizers for such a treat. Long live mankind, Long live TCS.

  3. Raoul Ohio Says:

    Q Comp + Q Crypto debunker update:

  4. Yatima Says:

    Doubt is everyhwere! Isn’t it amazing!

  5. asdf Says:

    Hey Scott, is this interesting? It’s another QC skeptic paper, co-authored by the many-tentacled sharp cookie Ross Anderson.

    It doesn’t use the actual term, but it at least seems to hint at a Sure/Shor separator.

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