Updates from Kenya

Yes, I’m blogging from outside Nairobi, where I’ve come to investigate the true circumstances of President Obama’s birth.  Seriously, Dana and I are here to go on a safari for our belated honeymoon—for both of us, it’s our first non-work-related trip in many years.  Needless to say, we both brought our laptops.

Like everyone else with an ounce of sense, I’m absolutely horrified by SOPA, and inspired by the way so many Internet companies and organizations have banded together to try to prevent the United States from moving in the direction of China and Iran.

Meanwhile, on the theme of open access to information on the web, check out a New York Times article by Thomas Lin about the open science movement.  I’m quoted briefly toward the end.

Sorry for the light (nonexistent) blogging lately.  I’ll be back after I’m done with the lions and hippos and so forth.

11 Responses to “Updates from Kenya”

  1. Unbelievable Says:

    I recall reading with horror about XV century China when ocean going travel was banned under the Hai jin edict, causing untold damage to China’s economy and preeminent position in the African trade only to be followed by the isolationist Great Wall project.

    Little did I suspect that in the XXI century we would get to see the US congress proposing to build a wall around the internet, disconnecting itself from the world and giving the RIAA and other self-appointed vigilantes the right to ban any content, from anywhere without any questions asked, let alone due process.

  2. Eric Says:

    Welcome to Kenya!

  3. rrtucci Says:

    Pictures please

  4. Scott Says:

    rrtucci: On our first day, we saw giraffes, zebras, elephants, hippos, hyenas, ostriches, buffalo, wildebeest, Thomson gazelles, Grant’s gazelles, dik-diks, warthogs, antelopes, and a baboon. But I’ll need to get to a wifi connection before I can upload pictures.

  5. Vadim Says:

    Awesome!! East Africa is my favorite place on Earth! It sounds like you’re having a blast and you haven’t even gotten to the lions, leopards, cheetahs, or rhinos yet.

  6. Nagesh Adluru Says:

    This is such a nice update Scott! Have a great and safe trip.

  7. A mouse Says:

    “non-work-related” – um, complexity zoo?

  8. Chris W. Says:

    Please don’t take any canoe (or kayak) trips. I’ve read enough stories about unfortunate encounters with hippos and crocodiles.

    [Other refs: 1, 2, 3.]

  9. Steve L Says:

    Hi Scott,

    Just wanted to comment on SOPA and PIPA. The Internet protest was “successful” in the sense that congress decided to table the legislation … for the moment.

    But on the same day, the U.S. shut down MegaUpload without due process. I don’t personally know if they’re crooks or just a popular file sharing site that some people use for pirated goods. In the same way that I upload my videos to YouTube but I have no idea if other people use the site to upload copyrighted material.

    But the fact remains that the U.S. government shut down a huge overseas website, without due process. That should frighten everyone.


    Have a great vacation. And do take some pics.

  10. Raoul Ohio Says:

    Steve L.

    This is your biggest worry in the world?

  11. Adrian Says:

    Trying to understand the debate and seek to understand more but in the meantime enjoy the land of my birthplace. Kenya is a special place. Say hi to the wonderful wildlife.