Penrose’s Gödel argument in rap

About as logically sound as the original, and with a better backbeat (link to MP3). From computer science grad student / hip-hop artist MC Plus+.

7 Responses to “Penrose’s Gödel argument in rap”

  1. Job Says:

    That’s alot better than the random music i’m having my computer generate. Somehow randomly generated is not that great. If i use a grand piano in particular it comes off as creepy and nightmarish (great horror movie material though). The drum solos sound ok – but god i’ve heard some awful stuff today.
    That rap song was great though, i might be able to get some sleep after all. I’m glad i stopped by.

  2. anonymous Says:

    Why is Timothy Gowers under “Humor”?

  3. Scott Says:

    Because WordPress sucks. Fixed.

  4. harrison Says:

    There’s (slightly iffy) lyrics here, if anyone else has trouble following.

  5. Job Says:

    I think “Will now punish mankind for all control of the l33t” should read “…punish mankind for CTRL+ALT+DELETE”, or no? 🙂

  6. Job Says:

    The robotic voice effect is awesome. I WANT that voice.

  7. Kvadrakov Says:

    Quite well. But I like 50 cent:)