Shtetl-Optimized is dead. Long live Shtetl-Optimized!

So, I finally had it both with Blogger, which was constantly down, and with my web hosting service, which was constantly down and inserting hidden Cialis ads into my homepage. (Yes, really.) So I ditched them both!

This morning Shtetl-Optimized finally departed the old country, and boarded a crowded ship bound for a strange new world: the world of Bluehost and WordPress. So welcome to a brand-new blog, which will feature the same name as the old one, the same topics, and the same terrible jokes. I hope you like it.

(Also this morning, I discovered a little hole-in-the-wall in Waterloo that sells hot, fresh bagels barely distinguishable from what you could get in New York. Yes, this is shaping up to be a very good day.)

(Oh, yes: Happy belated Thanksgiving to my American friends. I decided to stay in Waterloo over Thanksgiving to teach my course — is this is a sign that I’m actually becoming Canadian?)

30 Responses to “Shtetl-Optimized is dead. Long live Shtetl-Optimized!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe you can post about this to your old blog, so people who read it via RSS will know?

  2. Scott Says:

    Anonymous: Alas, I haven’t been able to upload to the old blog for several days! (That was the final straw that caused me to switch.) But I’ll see if I can edit the old xml file manually, and thereby alert the RSSers.

  3. Scott Says:

    OK, I just did that — can anyone with an RSS feed let me know if it worked?

  4. Suresh Says:

    worked for me ! thanks. btw was it easy switching to wordpress (and importing your posts/comments) ? I was thinking of doing the same thing as well.

  5. Scott Says:

    Suresh: Yes, it was very easy. The one catch is that you need a web hosting service that supports wordpress (and preferably installs it automatically). If you go to, they have a list of such services. I picked Blue Host, which was the first one listed. I’ve only been using it for a few hours, but it already seems about 10^500 times better than Network Solutions (my previous host).

  6. Suresh Says:

    ok thanks. that’s good to know.

  7. debbie Says:

    where is that bagel place?

  8. ano Says:

    I think you should put more of your lectures online! Lots of people were following along. Thanks for the free education.

  9. Scott Says:

    It’s a-comin’!

  10. Scott Says:

    Debbie: You just had to follow the link! Rise and Shine Bagels, 52 Bridgeport East.

  11. Bram Cohen Says:

    Gotta love how reliable hosting is.

    Aren’t you at the same university as Ian Goldberg now? He’s working on an interesting PIR paper.

  12. mick Says:

    Congrats on the switch. Can you post LaTeX with your wordpress setup?

  13. Scott Says:

    Dunno. I’ll try next time I actually post something serious…

  14. HN Says:

    Eh Scott, give me some credit for this new look.

  15. HN Says:

    BTW, there are some great looking wordpress templates out there, why do you pick this conformist look :-).

  16. Scott Says:

    HN: Thanks!

    Maybe I’ll change the look later…

  17. Dave Bacon Says:

    The smell of bagels makes me want to work. Must be something to do with my habit of getting a bagel before I get to work. Damn you Pavlov, Damn you!

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Do you have a link to the new RSS feed? I can’t seem to find it…

  19. HN Says:

    RSS Links are at the end of any page:

  20. Attila Csordas Says:

    Wellcome to WordPress Scott. It is definitely the high-end corner of blogs. I’ve just heard your blog mentioned in the Cambridge night from one of my mathematician friends, so I thought I check it.

  21. paraphrene Says:

    “Damn you Pavlov, Damn you!” –Dave Bacon, “Bagels”

    “No one can compute how much the bulwarked learned ones have blocked the path of wisdom.” –Elbert Hubbard, “Spinoza”

  22. John Sidles Says:

    Paraphrene, you made my day … I did not know that Elbert Hubbard had written a short biography of Spinoza (and our UW library has a copy, oh boy!).

    Of course, even today not everyone welcomes the Enlightenment

  23. Al Says:

    Any comments on this result?

  24. rrtucci Says:

    Scott, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your web host is giving your site a lot of downtime.

    How come you now require the email address of posters? 90% of what I have posted in the past to this site has been anonymous; anonymity seems to enhance my humorousness.

  25. Scott Says:

    Scott, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your web host is giving your site a lot of downtime.

    Yeah, I know. Should hopefully be fixed now.

    How come you now require the email address of posters?

    To cut down on anonymous comments from wiseguys like you!

  26. rrtucci Says:

    “bluehost sucks” 127 hits on google,
    According to you, Complexity Theory is like the Borg; it absorbs all other subjects, resistance being futile. Time for CT to assimilate Comparative Shopping.

  27. saharvetes Says:

    Could you change your blog URLs to be more meaningful than just “?p=160” etc.?

    They’re ugly, and besides, old bookmarks to your blog are broken now. I think this might help. (And generally speaking, this too.)

  28. OrenLaw Says:

    Glad this is back up…you must’ve been fixin’ it late last night….nothing quite like reading a good combinatorics paper at 2 AM…

    Just so the rest of the bloggers know…Scott Aaronson signed my first cousin’s Bar-Mitzvah Sign-In Board
    In IAMBIC PENTAMETER….when he was 12…lol.

    Oh Yeah…I would love to be your Middle-East Correspondent.
    -Check out “Bionic Hornet”
    -Also, “Bionic Gloves”…the IAF’s new Nano weapons in development.

    Could there “bee” a “Microscopic fate” for Hezbollah?

    Ari Fried’s First Cousin Oren

  29. Hein Says:

    Perhaps your old site was hacked to add those hidden links?

  30. Scott Says:

    Oren: Send my regards to Ari!